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Solution for sanitary transfer of fluid with pressure in food, chemical and drug application.
The Genizer sanitary high pressure pump can work with liposome extruder for preparation of liposome and lipopolyplex for drug and gene delivery. Sanitary Hand Pump is hand driven, portable, made with materials of pharmaceutical grade; Sanitary High Pressure Piston Pump is used with Genizer Online Liposome Extruders for manufacture production of liposome and lipopolyplex; Sanitary High Pressure Piston Dual Pump is recommended for application requiring continuous pressure. The Sanitary High Pressure piston pump is portable and compliance with FDA and GMP sanitary standards.

DownloadPDF: Sanitary High Pressure HandPump Manual.PDF
Sanitary High Pressure Piston Pump Manual.PDF
Sanitary High Pressure Piston Dual Pump Manual.PDF


Catalog No. Pressure(psi) Flow Rate Min. Volume Power Dimensions
Test Scale Handpump-0.5 30,000 25ml/min 0.5ml Hand 25×4×20/15kg
Handpump-1.5 12,000 60ml/min 10ml 110V/230V 25×4×20/15kg
Pilot Scale HP-6k-60 6,000 60L/hr 250ml 110V/230V 90×40×35/40kg
HP-2k-180 2,000 180L/hr 500ml 110V/230V 100×40×35/50kg
HPD-6k-100 6,000 100L/hr 500ml 110V/230V 90×70×40/80kg
HPD-2k-350 2,000 350L/hr 1000ml 110V/230V 100×70×40/95kg
Customize Multi-HP 2,000 - 8,000 1-2000L/hr TBD 110V/230V TBD

Tips: The Dimensions and Cost of High Pressure Pump are proportional to the Pressure and Flow Rate, while inversely proportional to the Stroke Frequency. Slow stroke takes the advantage of slower abrasion and pressure stability, however, the stronger intensifier and cylinder are required. The titanium High Pressure Cylinder is recommended for application in high corrosion condition such as strong acid and base. Note: The Dimensions, structure and parameter should be subject to the final product.