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Description: Genizer Jacketed Liposome Extruders is compressed air driven, temperature controlled, from testing to manufacture production of liposome and lipopolyplex for drug and gene delivery.

The Jacketed Liposome Extruders are designed to generate homogeneous unilamellar liposomes and Lipopolyplex. Extrusion is a one-step procedure that produces liposomes by forcing lipid suspensions of drug, protein or gene through track-etched filters with defined pore size. It is relatively gentle, exposing the formulation to moderate pressures up to 1,500 psi at controlled temperatures. The Genizer Extruder is easily cleaned and suitable for sterilization, compliance with FDA and GMP sanitary standards in Pharmaceuticals.

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Catalog No. Gextruder-10ml, Gextruder-100ml, Gextruder-800ml, Gextruder-3000ml, Gextruder-10000ml, Gextruder-Customize
Description Jacketed Temperature-control Liposome Extruder
Min. Sample Size 5ml, 20ml, 200ml, 500ml, 10,000ml, TBD
Temperature Limit 80ºC (176ºF)
Power Requirements Compressed Gas
Feed Reservoir 10ml, 100ml, 800ml, 3000ml, 10,000ml, TBD
Cleaning Flush to clean
Sterilizing Whole unit autoclavable
Max. Pressure 3,000psi
Application Liposome formulation up to production scale

Standard Features

Inlet type 3/8" High pressure coupling
Outlet type 3/8" High pressure coupling
Feed Reservoir Temperature control jacketed cylinder
Nitrogen Line G5/8" - 14 TPI BSP inlet Nitrogen High pressure soft tubing
Nano membrane 100nm track-etched polycarbonate membrane
Compatibility Some Parts are compatible with Lipex™ in Northern Lipids
Product material 316L stainless steel, Viton
Material standard Compliance with FDA and GMP sanitary standards
Warranty 1 year against any manufacturing defects

Option Features

Detector Pressure gauge, Pressure transducer, Temperature transducer
Inlet type Tri-clamp or Luer
Outlet type Tri-clamp or Luer
Multi Extruder Parallel or Series connection of Multi Extruder
Nano membrane 30, 50, 80, 200, 400, 800nm track-etched membrane
Sorted Jacketed Extruder 800mL Jacketed Extruders

1mL Jacketed Extruder

10mL Jacketed Extruder

100mL Jacketed Extruder
10mL Jackted Extruder 100mL Jackted Extruder 800mL Jacketed Extruder
10mL Jacketed Extruder 100mL Jacketed Extruder 800mL Jacketed Extruder